The Thau Lagoon is the largest and deepest lagoon in Languedoc. Above all, it is where shellfish have been farmed since ancient times, producing oysters and mussels.

The Thau Lagoon is also home to other wild shellfish and molluscs, such as butter clams, soft shell clams, wedge shell clams, sea urchins and sea snails. While you are here, why not judge the gastronomy of the Thau Lagoon for yourself, by sampling the delicious Mediterranean cuisine in one of our restaurants.

Rubrique produits régionaux

Languedoc offers a fine range of flavours throughout the region. The vine is more than just tradition.

The Picpoul de Pinet terroir stretches out alongside the Thau Lagoon. With its floral aromas, it is the perfect partner for Thau Lagoon shellfish.

The Vin de pays des Côtes de Thau is also distinctive. This appellation includes white, red and rosé wines.
While you’re here, taste the local wines from the various vineyards and cellars in our region.

Vignes à Villeveyrac en automne © Michel Séguret
Olive Oil

Olive oil symbolises the Mediterranean.

Olives accompany many Mediterranean dishes, but they are also the base of specialist products such as the famous black or green tapenade and the excellent oils so loved by connoisseurs.

Visit one of our local farmers and sample some olive oil.


Honey is produced by bees using nectar from flowers. In our region, the main types of honey are Scrubland Honey, Garrigue Honey and Thyme Honey.


Pélardon is a raw goat’s milk cheese produced for centuries in Languedoc.

It can be found in our region too, in the Hérault garrigue, particularly in Villeveyrac. Shaped like a small round puck, the longer it matures the stronger its flavour. It should be matured for at least eleven days. While you are here, visit our farmers and taste some.


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